“La semaine du Golfe” 2025

Brittany’s biggest nautical festival : “La semaine du Golfe”

The next edition of the Semaine du Golfe will take place from the 26th to the 1rst of June 2025.

Every 2 years,  for Ascension holiday, “La Semaine du Golfe” gathers more than 1 000 boats grouped into 8 fleets.
The skiffs, the sailing-oar, the small traditional pleasance, the classical marina, the pleasance of the 60s/70s, the old fishing and working yachts, the classical motonautism, as well as the great sailing yachts of the European heritage: three masts, Bricks, schooners, ketchs, yachts..
Each fleet has it’s own navigation program.

A popular festival

17 ports of the Gulf of Morbihan welcome fleets in port of call, including the old port of Saint-Goustan (Auray), the island of Les Moines, the island of Arz, Larmor-Baden, Vannes…
From the bank, at the Port Blanc pier or on the water, the spectators enjoy the majestic and colourful ballet of the old rigging.
On the first day, the Great Parade gathers all the boats that come out of the Gulf and then come back to the rising tide: a magnificent show to end this holiday of boating in beauty…In the evening, sailors and spectators meet at the port and enjoy the animations and rejoicing offered: shellfish tastings and local products, exhibitions, concerts, music in all its forms, hiking…

The program

– Opening parade
– The day of Arz Island
– Fleet Navigation
– The big Parade

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